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At the Harman Media and Marketing Group, we believe in the success of our clients; every client’s dream becomes ours as we work together to ensure long term success through collaboration, relationship building, and mutual respect. Together we can achieve growth as each client becomes an integral part of our community and economy.

Brand Management

We develop brand identities by delivering consistent messaging across all platforms.

Market Research

We conduct research and analysis on your target market for both your current and target customer.

Customer Service Consulting

We provide you with personalized customer service consulting, aligning your product and/or services with what your customers value most.

Media Strategy

Through effective media strategy, you can achieve top-of-mind brand awareness.

Traditional Media

We will determine if traditional media is right for your business, as it can expand the reach and frequency of your message on a wide scale.

Digital Media

We can provide you with social media management, SEO/SEM, Retargeting, Geo-Fencing, Display Advertising, Pre-Roll, and Video on Demand.

Web Design & Programming

We will help you through concept design, content development, site mapping, web programming, strategic landing page integration with lead funnels to key word optimization, and graphic design.

Graphic Design

Our designers appreciate that every brand is unique and will work to ensure brand consistency through comprehensive design.

Video & Audio Production

Our experienced production team will create solutions for all of your video and audio production needs.

Event Marketing

We will help establish your presence in the market through event creation, participation, and/or sponsorship.

Our Happy Clients

Work with Us

By using continual up-to-date research of the current market, we work with you to define your business’ product and target customer in order to develop clear, achievable goals and execute on strategic marketing plans to ensure both the short and long-term success of your business.

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